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Bridges, Partial and Full Dentures

A dental bridge is a false tooth that fills the space where you’ve lost a tooth. It’s set in between crowns that are placed as one unit on the teeth on either side of the false tooth.

Dentures are false teeth used when a patient has lost all or large sections of his or her teeth. They can be the traditional type of denture where an adhesive is used to hold them onto your gums. Dr. DeMars is also trained to place All on 4 dental implant-supported dentures, which give you much better security and function. Read more about them on our Dental Implant section.

We do everything we can to keep a natural tooth in place. But if any of your teeth need to come out, Dr. Nichole is trained in oral surgery and can extract them, then fit you with the appropriate restoration.

All-Porcelain Bridges