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Long Grove Dental Studio

Dentistry in Long Grove

Our first goal is making sure your teeth and gums are healthy!

Our attention to detail during exams and general treatments is how we prevent future problems.

Comprehensive Exams

During exams at Long Grove Dental Studio, we take a lot of pictures. Using digital and panoramic X-rays, handheld intraoral cameras and the DIAGNOdent laser caries detection system, we can look at every tooth in precise detail. These are all painless tools, and you can see the images at the same time we do, on a monitor placed in front of the dental chair.

Oral Cancer Screening

First we check for oral cancer visually to identify possible areas of concern. Then we utilize a screening technology called Vizilite along with a special mouth rinse to further examine the soft tissues in your mouth. The rinse makes any unusual cells glow in Vizilite’s low intensity light, pinpointing any areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Your teeth will be squeaky clean after treatment with an ultrasonic scaler. Many dentists use only one brand of scaler, but Dr. DeMars uses the Cavitron and Piezo scalers, both of which are top-line tartar removal tools.




We give fluoride treatments to children at every visit and to adults as needed, especially if their home uses well water.

Gum Disease

We check very carefully for any signs of gingivitis or more advanced gum disease. Dr. DeMars can treat you using laser therapy and/or Arestin®, a prescription topical antibiotic.

Sports Guards, Night Guards

If your daily activities are a threat to your beautiful smile, we recommend fitting you with a mouth guard. Sports guards are important equipment for any sport, not just high-contact sports. And night guards can help relieve stress and pain from TMJ that might be a problem for you during the day.


We are prepared to handle your emergencies. If you have an accident or feel pain in your mouth after office hours, please contact us.