Do you have:

  • High anxiety visiting the dentist?
  • Difficulty getting numb?
  • Extremely sensitive teeth?
  • A significant gag reflex?

Complex dental problems that require extensive work?

If this sounds like you, Long Grove Dental Studio is here to help make your visit a pleasant experience. We offer our patients the option of oral conscious sedation – an easy, safe, needle-free way to ensure your dental experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

What is oral conscious sedation? It’s sedation in pill form that puts you at complete ease while allowing you to remain awake and responsive. In fact, because oral conscious sedation is so effective, many patients with more extensive dental work combine their multiple procedures so they can get all their required work done in as few visits as possible.

If you’ve been putting off visiting the dentist because of your fear, call us today and let us help ease your anxiety through Sedation Dentistry.

We want your first visit (and every visit!) to Long Grove Dental Studio to be a relaxed and comfortable experience. We can use several different types of sedation depending on what procedure you’re having and your own personal needs to manage pain and anxiety.

Letting dental problems go on too long can affect your overall health and well-being. Don’t delay. Call us and make an appointment today!

“My experiences at Long Grove Dental Studio have been nothing short of fantastic. I live in Chicago so when Dr. DeMars’ worked in a downtown practice it was really convenient for me. When she started her own practice in Long Grove, I didn’t think twice about following her even though it takes me 45 minutes to get there. She has always been professional, thorough, and warmly personable when treating me which I greatly value.

I am extremely “dentist phobic” so having the option of being sedated is a blessing for patients like me. I can honestly say that during the procedures that I received, I have never experienced any pain. Dr. DeMars also always makes sure that I have the appropriate medications for any post-procedural discomfort. (Although, I’ve rarely had to use them!)

The staff is beyond excellent. From the moment you walk in to the waiting room, you feel welcomed, reassured, and comfortable. The dental assistants and hygienists are all friendly, efficient and experts at their jobs.

In this day and age, office cleanliness should be important to all patients. Everyone at Long Grove Dental Studio is fastidious about being sure that all equipment, tools and surfaces are cleaned according to dental industry regulations and standards.

My thanks to EVERYONE at Long Grove Dental Studio for making even a coward like me unafraid to visit the dentist!!” – Gregory